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Facial Cosmetology

Face cosmetology offers modern methods of rejuvenation and correction, helps to preserve youth and beauty. When carrying out any cosmetic procedures, it is extremely important the aesthetic effect that is achieved thanks to the professional approach of our specialists.

We offer professional skin care programs. Our cosmetologist will take into account your individual needs and choose a set of treatments and cosmetics that would be perfect for you.

All these things will help to achieve the desired result!


Ultrasonic face cleaning + soothing mask – 60 min

Mechanical face cleaning + soothing masks +  d’Arsonval treatment – 90 min

Combined face cleaning + soothing masks – 90 min

Ultrasonic face peeling – 45 min

D’Arsonval treatment with t oxygen cream – 20 min

Ultra phonophoresis –  Anti-age program/Hydrolifting – 35 min


Plastic massage “Powerlift” – 20 min/35 min

Chiromassage (Spanish massage) – 20 min/35 min

Anti-age massage for men – 20 min

Soy-soy massage – 60 min

CLAY MASK with alpha acids for oily and combined skin – 60 min

SOFTENING MASK for sensitive and hypersensitive skin- 60 min

BIO- ALGINATE  mask for skin, which lost elasticity and tone -60 min

DUO SYSTEM  anti aging cream mask with hyaluronic acid  for lip  lines and eyelids  – 60 min

Glycolic peeling for face, neck, eye area and neckline – 40 min

Plastic mask Blue Mask Laminaria – 50 min

“RE-BALANCE” for combination and oily skin – 60 min

“TorbaThermalSpa” therapeutic peat mask – 60 min

Moisturizing procedure for dry skin “Sea breeze” – 60 min

«BIOPTIC» –  delicate care for eye area – 25 min/45 min

«MEZO-VIT» – cosmetic treatment with mesotherapy – 1 h 30 min

«SENSITIVE PRO» –  cosmetic solution for sensitive reactive skin – 1 h 30 min

Seasonal face care “Tangerine  kumquat”  – 60 min

“Eye contour” eye zone care – 20 min

Express -care with instant effect – 20 min

Collage express – care with whitening effect– 20 min