Room reservations
  1. RESPECT Hotel & SPA is a dog\cat friendly Hotel. Dogs up to 50 cm. at the withers and weighing up to 4 kg. are accepted. The accommodation of other animals should be additionally discussed with the administration.

Pet fee is 300 UAH. This fee is intended for a special dry-cleaning after check-out.

  1. Pet accommodation is allowed only upon prior reservation. The Hotel reserves the right to determine the eligibility of a pet accommodation in every case.
  2. All pets should be registered. Unregistered pet fee is 2 500 UAH.
  3. Only one pet is allowed per room.
  4. Pet-owner duties:
  • use your own special rug or cage to keep a pet when staying at the Hotel ;
  • keep the animal on a leash, muzzle or cage and prevent the animal from moving freely around the Hotel;
  • ensure the proper maintenance of the pet (the pet must be clean, vaccinated and easily controlled);
  • ensure the absence of animals in the room during the cleaning;
  • the disturbance of silence at the Hotel is not allowed under any circumstances;
  1. Pet-owner restrictions:
  • do not feed the pets from the dishes owned by the Hotel;
  • do not leave the pets unattended in the Hotel room or onsite;
  • pet are not allowed to the restaurant or SPA-Center or other common areas under any circumstances;
  • It is not allowed to wash pets in bath rooms, use towels, sheets and other bedding belonging to the Hotel;
  • It is not allowed to comb out pets in the Hotel room and onsite.
  1. Pet-owner is fully responsible for the damage caused to the Hotel property, including furniture, walls, carpeting damage and other damages caused to guests or hotel personnel.