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Skhidnytsa is a well-known balneological resort with its unique healing mineral waters with no analogs in Europe. The real natural treasure of the resort is its mineral springs which were first discovered here back in the 1970th.

The unique and complex composition of Skhidnytsa mineral waters is highly effective for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal treatments as well as for liver, kidney and urinary tract diseases and metabolic disorders. Mineral waters intake also provides a beneficial impact for your well-being.

Recreation in Skhidnytsya is best suited for health recovery.

Skhidnytsya balneological resort provides the benefits as follows:

  • the beauty of the divine nature far away from the hustle of big cities;
  • mountain fresh, cool and clean air;
  • effective treatment and rehabilitation;
  • unique mineral waters;
  • Interesting tours and acquaintance with the history of Western Ukraine.

RESPECT Hotel & SPA provides best holiday experience in Skhidnytsya in combination with powerful medical and SPA-Center ensuring unique conditions for comfortable stay, treatment and recovery for both children and adults.