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It has already become a good tradition to visit a medieval festival «TU STAN!» sometime in August. This year is no different so we are glad to announce that this year’s XII Festival of Medieval Ukrainian Culture «TU STAN!-2017: The Movie will be held on 4-6 August on the Urych Rocks which is about 7 km. away from Skhidnytsya.

Do you dream of traveling in time and see with your own eyes what did the legendary princely times look like? Do you want to participate in the night storm of the fortress? Or learn ancient crafts? Or else relax with your family on the beautiful nature?

Traditionally the program of the festival will include the following activities:

  • Buhurts and knights fights
  • Archery and crossbow shooting
  • Theaters and literature
  • Street musicians and a big stage
  • Craft workshops and medieval fair
  • The highlight of the festival is the movie scene dedicated to the new film «King Danylo» by Taras Khimich

RESPECT Hotel & SPA guests can easily visit the festival. We offer different transportation options for maximum comfort of our guests.